• The Future of Canada's Energy Sector

    As pre-positioning for the 2019 Federal Election rapidly takes shape, the electorate will evaluate some critical questions about the future of Canada’s energy sector. Read more >

  • Luck + Charisma + Economic Surge = Trudeau Electoral Success in 2019?

    A year out, it appears the 2019 federal campaign will be a competitive race, and one regionally-based, not necessarily one fought at a national level. Read more >

  • Trudeau government releases details on next steps for carbon pricing plan

    The Liberal government is willing to push forward on its national carbon pricing agenda despite growing opposition from the provinces. Read more >

  • Goodbye to NAFTA, Welcome USMCA

    After months of negotiations, the United States, Canada, and Mexico have come to a trade agreement. Read more >

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We provide research, planning and counsel to clients needing to engage with all levels of government. We closely monitor issues, while developing integrated strategies to achieve results across jurisdictions.

We understand that social license is necessary to achieve business goals in all jurisdictions in Canada. Stakeholders influence the public policy debate. We mobilize community groups and third party influencers to be compelling element of a public affairs strategy.

We build successful communications programs, anticipating the needs of relevant audiences, communities and stakeholders. Our expertise lies in media relations, event management, and digital engagement to best tell your story on the platforms that matter.