Leading Trade and Energy Expert joins Global Public Affairs as Special Advisor

Leading Trade and Energy Expert joins Global Public Affairs as Special Advisor

TORONTO, January 24, 2017 – Global Public Affairs is pleased to announce that Jason Langrish, one of Canada’s leading experts in both trade and energy, joins the firm as Special Advisor. Jason was instrumental in the negotiation of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union and is the Executive Director of the Canada Europe Roundtable for Business (CERT). And, he brings a wealth of international experience on energy and climate change policy with over a decade at the helm of a leading energy policy forum.

Jason is recognized as having played an integral role in driving the completion of the CETA agreement. He will bring a unique perspective on the opportunities around CETA, as well as providing insights on how the international dynamic relates to domestic policy. This will be very valuable in the context of the current uncertainty around NAFTA and Canada’s active international trade agenda.

“Global is Canada’s leading public affairs firm representing the energy sector across Canada and our clients will benefit from the additional value Jason will bring to our practice, especially on issues relating to trade, energy and the environment,” said President and CEO Randy Pettipas. “Jason has spent many years immersed in complex trade negotiations and has been a major advocate for Canada’s energy sector internationally. With global uncertainty, his knowledge and thoughtful contribution will assist in navigating the intersection of the international and domestic policy dynamic on these files of critical import to Canada’s economic standing and business outlook.”

Jason has been at the forefront of the discussion around the position of the Canadian energy sector in the global energy mix. In 2004, he founded the Energy Roundtable, a high-level forum bringing together energy leaders from around the world to discuss issues from market access to climate change policy. The addition of Jason further builds on Global Public Affairs’ position as the leading firm representing the full spectrum of the energy sector players across Canada.

Working from the Toronto office, Jason will be active in client files across the country to bring his perspective on Canada’s trade agenda, and policy issues affecting the business community. He will continue with his important roles with both the Energy Roundtable and the Canada Europe Roundtable for Business.

About Jason Langrish
Jason worked in the trade policy section of the Canadian Mission to the European Union in Brussels from 2000 to 2003. He founded the Energy Roundtable in 2004 and serves as its President hosting conferences in Calgary, Toronto and London. He is also the Executive Director of the Canada Europe Roundtable for Business (CERT). Prior to this, he established one of the UK’s largest environmental associations, based in London. While his voluntary activities include serving as the Canadian Director for the American European Communities Association, a Member of Atlantic Bruecke, as a Director of Earth Day Canada, and has served as an advisor to the Canada India Business Council.

About Global Public Affairs
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