The ability to successfully navigate Canadian public policy issues requires knowledge, understanding and relationships at all levels of government. Global excels in this arena, providing Canadian and international clients strategic research, advice and counsel, and advocacy and issues management. With our national reach, we closely monitor issues at all levels of government, and develop and implement comprehensive strategies across regional jurisdictions to achieve results for our clients.
Global consultants have extensive knowledge of government dynamics, having worked as aides to Prime Ministers, as Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers, Chiefs of Staff, Senior Policy Advisors and aides to Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and Municipal Councilors. Our collective experience and understanding of the Canadian political process ensures our clients receive unparalleled advice, insights and support.

Government Relations Services

  • Stakeholder & Issues Identification and Analysis

    Designing successful stakeholder strategies begins with a thorough assessment of the people and issues that can impact your organization now and in the future. Our stakeholder registry system identifies groups and individuals who influence political, regulatory and public policy decisions that favourably or adversely impact your organization. This may include the Prime Minister and cabinet, key MPs, MPPs and MLAs, officials in select departments, provincial decision-makers, trade associations, unions, non-governmental organizations, community groups, traditional and digital media, academics and even governments in other countries. By knowing who’s who and delivering consistent, relevant, meaningful messages in a timely, systematic way, we’ll help you address important business objectives.

    Government Relations Strategy Development

    Given the range of inputs that influence the success of government relations activities, we provide guidance by assessing the issues, the strength of your business case, the positions of government and priority stakeholders, and realistic time frames to resolution. The earlier the process of engagement starts, the greater the odds for success. Our strategic approach involves aligning issues and stakeholders, developing a positioning and messaging framework, identifying who to meet, in what sequence and when, and developing the necessary support materials. We’ll also help determine the level of support – time and otherwise – needed to ensure your success.

    Provincial and Federal Government Relations

    Our team has in-depth knowledge of issues and initiatives across many of the sectors of importance to Canada’s economy. And they know that issues are rarely driven, influenced and resolved within a single jurisdiction in Canada. Our ability to mobilize our team in Canada’s provincial capitals and economic centres, along with our federal team in Ottawa, means we can provide a seamless, fully cross -jurisdictional service offering to those clients interested and concerned about jurisdictional creep, influence and policy development.

    Policy Research, White Papers and Position Papers

    Organizations that build a compelling case, clearly articulate their issue and its implications, and present recommendations based on facts, evidence, experience, and best practice, stand the best chance of success. Global consultants can help you develop position papers that frame the issue in language that will resonate with decision-makers, peer groups and other stakeholders. The process of drafting these documents may involve internal interviews with critical departments, external interviews with experts, reviews of existing third-party research, analysis of similar efforts around the world and commissioned economic and public opinion polling data.

    Parliamentary Affairs and Committee Meetings and Preparation

    Parliamentary Committees, Members of Parliament, Senators, and Members of Provincial Parliaments and Legislative Assemblies are integral to the public policy decision-making process. Global works closely with you to design an engagement strategy that ensures your issues are managed with Parliamentarians in mind and tailored to meet regional and/or party-line perspectives.

    We can prepare you for appearances before Parliamentary Standing Committees by developing messaging, and reviewing anticipated questions and answers, rules of procedure, and etiquette for committee appearances. Increasingly, organizations must appear before Parliamentary committees to give evidence or expert opinion on any number of issues. Often, this is the only time senior management has contact with policy-makers, which presents both opportunity and risk for the senior manager and the organization represented. Preparation for these appearances is vital. Having prepared many clients for parliamentary hearings, you can count on our knowledge and insights to ensure your participation has the desired impact.

  • Issue Monitoring and Analysis

    A critical function of day-to-day public affairs is anticipating and recognizing significant developments before or as they happen, then seizing the opportunity for action. We use a variety of sources from tracking developments in parliamentary committees, traditional and social media stories, social media trends, and legislative and policy announcements, to gathering insights and intelligence through our extensive networks. Our issue analysis process includes a review of the political and stakeholder landscape, historical precedents, likely scenarios, and recommendations to provide balance or enhance the narrative.

    Message and Material Development

    Key to the success of any strategy or campaign is developing the positioning, messaging, and supporting evidence that makes your story, case or issue compelling to government, stakeholders, and social and traditional media. Fundamental to all written, verbal, and online communication, message development begins at the outset to reduce risk, save time, and ensure content consistency across all print and online collateral materials.

    Government Engagement and Lobby Days

    Successful government relations is built on a foundation of credibility and a comprehensive engagement strategy. Decision-makers respond poorly when contacted in the midst of a crisis with a list of requests, unless it comes from people they know and trust. Our experience and solid reputation in the federal and provincial capitals across Canada can help you advocate with influential decision-makers critical to your chances of success. In addition, we can help you prepare for meetings, develop briefing materials, and make logistical arrangements to ensure you and your organization are well represented. Ideally engagement should be done on a regular, ongoing basis. If geography restricts frequent visits, meetings can always be consolidated through a targeted lobby day or alternative means to ensure ongoing and consistent engagement.

    Coalition Building and Management / Industry Association Management

    The larger and more diverse a coalition you can assemble on an issue, the more likely you are to get a positive result. Global can help you work proactively to create a strong coalition that can drive positive change in the policy environment, and help your organization meet its objectives. Coalitions or trade associations can effectively participate in government debates, demonstrate unity in a business sector, and navigate issues on behalf of the companies involved. We have a broad experience working with industry associations and coalitions in many sectors, from providing monitoring services to delivering the full suite of secretariat services.

    Municipal Public Affairs

    Global consultants understand local government, which is qualitatively different from federal and provincial governments. Towns and cities spend billions of dollars each year and influence public policy in economic development, transportation and infrastructure, health and the environment. Having worked with numerous municipalities across Canada on a multitude of issues, we are well-positioned to help you navigate in this important jurisdictional arena.

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