“Hope for the best and plan for the worst” is an adage that can’t be overlooked in today’s business or political environments. At some point, every organization confronts an issue or crisis situation that has the potential to seriously damage its reputation and ability to operate. Our consultants draw on their executive-level expertise in corporate, government and media, merging proven strategic insights with practical know-how. Through in-depth analysis, planning and training, we work in partnership with our clients to safeguard reputations during critical periods and take advantage of opportunities for enhancement.

Crisis & Reputation Management Services

  • Crisis Communications Planning

    The key to crisis communications is advanced preparation. Well-managed communications during a crisis helps an organization retain a positive public face, enhances stakeholder confidence, and improves internal operations. With proper training and implementation, an effective crisis communications program may even boost an organization’s reputation. Mishandled, both the short-term and long-term consequences of a crisis can be enormous. Our crisis planning team has decades of combined experience helping clients prepare for their worst case scenario. We offer the proven experience to provide you with the knowledge, planning, and tools to competently plan, manage and evaluate crisis communications functions.

    Crisis Management and Support

    Communicating in the middle of a crisis can be daunting and overwhelming, especially when a company lacks resources or is unprepared. Global offers real-time, ‘field depth’ experienced crisis communicators, and regularly supports both public and private sector management teams in handling crisis situations. Our team is measured, calm, and diligent, having helped numerous organizations weather their roughest storms.
    With a roster of crisis communicators across Canada, we are uniquely positioned to provide a full suite of crisis communications services including executive crisis counsel, response strategy development, communications document production, media and social media monitoring and evaluation. For immediate support, email

    Media Relations & Media Training

    The effective use of the right spokesperson is a key component of any crisis response strategy, and is instrumental to the successful implementation of your communication strategy. Our crisis-specific media training ensures all spokespeople are comfortable in front of the media, know how to navigate difficult questions while remaining ‘on message’, and provides strategies for remaining in control of the interview. Our training program which includes an overview of how the media works, empowers the spokesperson by exploring key do’s and don’ts and through a best practices review of interview clips from our extensive video archive. Each participant gets on-camera experience, with real time feedback and evaluation.

    Risk Management

    Every organization is vulnerable to some degree of risk – from within the organization and from any combination of external sources: customers; supply chain partners; local communities; NGOs; government; and the media. If these risks escalate to become significant public issues, they can take years to recover from and lead to huge economic and reputational costs. Knowing and understanding your vulnerabilities can help provide guidance within the organization to take steps to mitigate such risks. We provide a comprehensive analysis of trends, reputation and precedent externally, and gather internal insights, to develop and implement public affairs strategies to manage, and ultimately reduce risk.

    Reputation Audit and Stakeholder Intelligence

    It’s important to know what your stakeholders believe, what they think about your company and the influence they may have. Global has extensive experience profiling stakeholders and understanding their issues. We move beyond simply identifying and prioritizing key issues, to ‘mapping’ the reputation of organizations based on insights and feedback from core stakeholders. This intelligence enables your organization to develop policies and communication strategies to mitigate issues and enhance stakeholder relationships.

    Brand Protection and Recovery

    Damage to an organization’s brand can have major business and financial implications. Effective and empathetic communications can go a long way to limiting that damage if and when issues arise. We work with you to anticipate issues, develop effective communications strategies, and provide training to limit reputational damage. However, an organization is ultimately judged by its actions. By measuring external sentiment and applying best practice approaches, we provide guidance on an organization-wide response that will help your brand recover.

  • Crisis Training, Exercises and Simulations

    Just having a crisis response plan is simply not enough. Key people must be trained and know how to executive the plan. Global helps organizations of all sizes prepare to respond to both operational and reputational incidents. Through controlled exercises and simulations, using facilitators on-site and a remote simulation center, we create a realistic imitation of a crisis. This hand-on practice increases internal comfort levels when responding to an incident and identifies gaps in the response protocol that may need to be addressed.

    Dark Websites

    Dark websites, sometimes called ‘response’ sites, are a critical tool when your organization is managing a crisis or issue that impacts a diverse group of stakeholders or garners significant public attention. This site serves as a hub for storing news releases, operational updates, images and photos, to support an organization’s social media crisis response. Dark websites are developed in advance, pre-populated with key information and messages, and are ‘hidden’ until they are needed. Global develops crisis websites and crisis microsites as part of our crisis planning service or as a stand-alone product.

    Issues Management

    An effective issues management approach will help you advance business objectives while enhancing the reputation and legitimacy of your organization. It is both a proactive and reactive tool, and a crucial aspect of effective, accountable and value-driven leadership. The key to success in issues management is to align issues and audiences, and construct appropriate monitoring and management techniques. Global offers in-depth expertise in designing real-time issue mitigation approaches, in developing proactive policy positions that avert issues before they evolve, and in training teams in issue identification and management. We work with our clients as partners, to tailor a value-added issue management program based on a four-pillar approach: issue identification and prioritization, policy development, communications advocacy, and evaluation.

    Social Media Reputation Management

    Digital conversations can have profound effects on your organization’s reputation. Used by media, elected officials and the public, social media is an important channel for establishing an online presence, sharing information and disseminating messages to a potentially wide audience in real time. You’ll be able to participate in social dialogue, actively monitor conversations and trends to address opportunities and provide a balanced view. Stakeholders from diverse backgrounds with vested interests can readily question or criticize your organization, influencing decision-makers, governments, media and the general public. Global combines our issues management expertise with sophisticated technology to track and analyze trends, and develop strategies to enhance and protect your reputation.

    Issue Tracking, Analysis and Intelligence

    Our Issues Intelligence service provides ongoing valuable insights about how your brand is being positioned in the media and amongst relevant stakeholders. Issues Intelligence allows you to better understand how positions taken by influential stakeholders and/or media coverage can potentially impact your day-to-day business, stakeholder perceptions and your bottom line. We work closely with industry-leading social and traditional media monitoring tools, as well as targeting communications outlets of specific stakeholders to scan and compile daily clippings and coverage that accurately reflect operational priorities, key initiatives and your operating environment.

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