Marian Robson

Senior Associate

  • Marian Robson works with Global Public Affairs as a Senior Associate in Vancouver, as part of our firm’s Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities practice. Marian has over 40 years of senior-level public and private sector transportation experience with the federal government, national and provincial railways, the Canadian port system (including as Chair of Vancouver Port Corporation), and as a consultant with a leading national public affairs organization. A key contributor to the transportation “landscape” and the national policy discussions driving it, she has participated in far-reaching activities that have enhanced the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Canadian transportation system.

    Marian previously served as Chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), a position she held for ten years (1996-2006). Overseeing the body responsible for administering economic regulation of all modes of transport under federal jurisdiction, Marian played a key role in many of the most prominent national transportation issues of the day.

    During her term at the CTA, Marian was involved in various aviation-related activities and decisions. Among others, she chaired the panel which oversaw the restructuring of Air Canada and determined its degree of Canadian ownership and control. She also directed  the preparation and public consultation on the Accessibility Codes of Conduct for Aircraft and Airports, and established the Office of the Air Travel Complaints Commissioner following legislation in 2002.

    In the rail sector, Marian chaired panels in several important cases, including the Canadian Wheat Board vs. CN and CP Rail, which concerned a dispute about levels of rail service to grain shippers during the winter of 1996-97, and Ferroequus Railway vs CN, an application for running rights over CN to Prince Rupert.

    At the request of the Minister of Transport, Marian also chaired a panel which reviewed marine pilotage issues in four Canadian regions and drafted a report with 22 recommendations; the report was accepted by the Minister and the recommendations have been implemented.

    Earlier in her career, Marian held senior management positions at British Columbia Railway and CN. She was also a Ministerial Assistant to the federal Minister of Transport, gaining a broad knowledge of each mode of transport and being involved in various ministerial initiatives and high-profile issues management.

    Marian currently serves as Chair of the Pacific Chapter of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (North America) and is Co-Chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade’s Metro Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

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    Telephone: 604-362-2522

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