Canada’s privacy laws  have experienced a number of challenges in relation to innovative online technologies and new online marketing practices. Updating Canada’s laws in order to respond to these commercial trends has triggered a contentious debate on a variety of fronts. In response, governments have sought to strengthen powers and establish new regimes and protocols to protect personal data and privacy.

    In addition, the increasing frequency, sophistication and intensity of cyber-attacks against businesses operating in Canada has attracted significant profile and public scrutiny. Security breaches of trade secrets, commercially sensitive data and private information from business systems has become a growing concern and presents many serious challenges for businesses and governments.  These threats are not only external, but can be triggered internally as well. In some instances, corporate data loss can occur whereby an employee fails to follow internal privacy protocols or loses company data through their mobile phones, laptops, or other related technology.

    Global’s Privacy and Cyber Security practice group supports companies in managing their communications from privacy breaches, as well the evolving privacy debate amongst policy makers. We help businesses navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment, as well as prepare for and respond to privacy breaches.

  • Privacy & Cyber Security Team

    Sean Casey – Team Leader
    Michael Mactaggart – Toronto