In today’s globalized world, bilateral and regional international trade agreements are increasingly popular foreign policy initiatives, allowing both nations and businesses to expand their reach and influence.   However, technical trade barriers such as quotas, standards and tariffs often get in the way of trade liberalization, and can quickly become complex obstacles for companies seeking new market access and/or new supply chain options.

    At Global we understand how important it is for our clients to get ahead of the game and be well prepared in a constantly shifting environment.  We work with our clients to identify relevant trade policy initiatives, monitor their developments, assess their implications and advise on actions that should be taken so that clients are equipped with the vital information they need to achieve key business interests and/or mitigate potentially costly complications. Our team of trade experts has extensive knowledge of the broad and specific trade issues that impact businesses and offer advice on matters such as:

    • Bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations, trade legislation, policy, and regulatory issues, trade investigations, tariffs and customs matters.
    • Anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties, rules of origin, regulatory and standard compliance as well as regulatory alignment and harmonization initiatives.
    • Negotiation and representation of specific interests during trade negotiations in order to secure the elimination of trade barriers on a permanent basis or, alternatively, maintaining tariff protection against unfair competition.
    • Product-specific issues with respect to tariff and non-tariff trade liberalization.
    • Trade policy developments in Canada and within key domestic and international trade agencies.
  • International Trade Team

    Michael Mactaggart – Toronto
    John Allen – Toronto
    Gil Barrows – Ottawa