Global Public Affairs has earned a reputation as a leading firm for assisting companies to develop and execute strategies to improve market access and minimize risk, and costs, arising from international trade and investment developments.

    As assumptions about the benefits of free trade, economic integration and investment liberalization are questioned, it is now essential that business and government navigate these new global dynamics. The good news is that amid the risk and uncertainty there is opportunity. Knowing how to defend your interests and where to find growth and opportunity are the first steps toward success.

    In today’s globalized world, bilateral and regional trade agreement are popular foreign policy initiatives, allowing both nations and businesses to expand their reach and influence. However, barriers such as tariffs, quotas, investment restrictions and technical barriers often disrupt trade and investment liberalization and can quickly become complex obstacles for companies seeking new market access and/or supply chain opportunities.

    Why Global?

    At Global we understand how important it is for our clients to get ahead of the game and be well prepared in a constantly shifting environment. We work with our clients to identify relevant trade policy initiatives, monitor their developments, assess their implications, and advise on actions that should be taken so that our clients are equipped with the vital information they need to achieve their business interests, including avoiding potentially costly outcomes.

    Most importantly, we serve as a first point of access to help you effectively address your issues and manage risks before they become matters that require expensive and time consuming legal remedies.

    We have the experience, knowledge, and network to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of trade, investment, business expansion and strategic planning services. We help our clients advance their continued growth and when required, assist in minimizing complications that may arise due to unexpected developments in international trade and investment negotiations.

    No detail is too big or too small for Global’s Trade Practice, our experts have negotiated international trade agreements and represented stakeholder interests in trade and investment discussions with key domestic and international agencies. We have also assisted clients with product specific issues, including trade liberalization, intellectual property, regulatory and standard alignment and dispute settlement issues.

    Whether you are trading, need to better understand government policies and processes, or are interested in expanding your business activities or attracting new sources of investment, we at Global Public Affairs know where the curve of supply and demand is tracking and how to set you on a course for success.

    Our Services

    • Intelligence gathering, stakeholder mapping and case studies
    • Helping you to better understand the process of trade negotiations and communicate your interests to government, including through formal submissions
    • Communications and public affairs – an often critical first step in resolving your issues and realizing opportunities. This may include interest representation, trade days, meetings with government officials and media support
    • Assistance with the interpretation of trade legislation and investigations
    • Helping you to achieve regulatory approvals and avoid technical barriers to trade and investment
    • We provide bespoke advisory and support services in the following areas specific to today’s trade and investment agreements:
      • Market access
      • Tariff elimination or protection from unfair competition
      • Rules or origin
      • Supply chain and product compliance
      • Professional services and labour mobility
      • Government procurement
      • Intellectual property
      • Investment and dispute settlement
  • International Trade Team

    Michael Mactaggart – Toronto
    Jason Langrish – Toronto
    Gil Barrows – Ottawa
    Tom Clark – Ottawa
    Pierre Alvarez – Calgary
    Mike Peters – Calgary