Canada is increasingly a destination of choice for foreign direct investment (FDI), particularly in the energy sector where resources are abundant but domestic development capacity is limited. The mix of federal legislation and provincial jurisdiction in some sectors of the economy results in complex political dynamics around major foreign investment mergers and acquisitions.

    Global’s Foreign Direct Investment team understands the risk associated with high-profile transactions and is well-versed in both monitoring the political landscape as well as managing complex mergers and acquisitions. We have successfully navigated our clients through the political minefield of several high-profile transactions in Canada, most recently in the natural resources, energy and telecommunications sectors.

    In a world where mergers and transactions have become increasingly subject to public scrutiny, and have relevance beyond the financial component, we work intimately with investors and companies in order to:

    • Identify key stakeholders (decision-makers, direct advisors and influencers),
    • Develop key and consistent messaging from the onset for all stakeholder groups;
    • Ensure that the client’s story is relayed positively to the media; and
    • Monitor developments related to the review process for foreign investments.
  • Foreign Direct Investment Team

    Genevieve Young – Ottawa
    John Allen – Toronto
    Kristin Anderson – Calgary
    Gil Barrows – Ottawa